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How to Improve Security on WordPress Websites for Optimal Performance

Increased popularity has led to a larger surface area for hackers and attackers… 

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What Is “Headless” WordPress?

Both of these attributes are keys to the rise of the “headless” WordPress… 

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Get Involved With Block-Based WordPress Theme Experiments

As the WordPress theme review team wound down their team meeting yesterday,… 

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SQL Injection: A Beginner’s Guide for WordPress Users

Now that you know the basics of a SQL injection vulnerability, let’s explore… 

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How to get a WordPress-powered React app in 1 step

Unsurprisingly, countless companies are seeking the best software solution to… 

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Working with WP_Query: The Complete User’s Guide

By the end of the course, you’ll know what a WP_Query is, and how and why to… 

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WordPress Security Advisories

This package aims to provide rudimentary protection against installing known… 

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PHP Namespaces for WordPress

PHP namespaces are almost ten years old. Despite a decade passing by since PHP… 

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The Definitive PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 Benchmarks (2020)

Each year we release our in-depth performance benchmarks across various… 

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Lessons Learned by Stepping Outside WordPress Comfort Zone

I was an aging developer who wasn’t quite sure where I fit into the WordPress… 

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